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 Full Party Pass (Accommodations not included)  
 Tier - 1 : 310 USD (First 50 people) 
 Tier - 2 : 320 USD (Next 50 people) 
 Tier - 3 : 330 USD 
 Open : April. 11.(Tue) 2pm KST 
 Tier - 1 
 First 50 registrants
 Payment Period : until April 12, 11:59pm KST 
 Tier - 2 
 The next 50 registrants after Tier-1 
 Payment Period: until April 14, 11:59pm KST 
 Tier - 3 
 All registrants after Tier-2 Tier - 2 

 Included in Full Party Pass 

  Party pass : 3 night (All-night dancing on Friday and Saturday and Farewell   Party on Sunday: all with live music)

  Beverages : non-alcoholic drinks and draft beer will be provided for free     during the parties (Friday and Saturday nights)



 Not included in Full Party Pass 


 Registration for accommodations will open on  April 24, 2pm KST 

 During the event, meals or late-night snacks will not be provided separately. However, participants are allowed to bring their own food from outside sources


 Refunds & Transfers 


 By default, only transfers between participants of the same role 

 are allowed (leader to leader, follower to follower).

 Exceptions can be made based on the ratio of Registrations.

 For example, if there are more follower's registrations than leader's   registrations, follower transfers may be allowed regardless of role.

 The refund period is as follows: 

 Until April 30, 11:59pm : Refund available 

 Starting May 1 : Refund not available (Transfer available) 

 Starting J- Starting July 1 : Refund & Transfer not available 

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