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[Group Registration]

ONLY the group representative (1 person) registers! The representative should/may join/create an account on the camp homepage as early as the day prior to registration.

(During registration, telephone and email confirmation is required. We recommend that the group representative registers by him/herself (rather than having someone else do so as a proxy))


[Group size]

Groups must be exactly 12 members, INCLUDING the group representative.


[Group members registration]

After successful registration and payment and subsequent payment confirmation, group members will also individually sign up and be linked into the group room.  Instructions detailing the process will be announced at a later date.



Discount package is limited to 10 groups (first come first serve) 


[Key Benefit]

11+1 Group Deal (Your group of 12 effectively gets 1 FREE ticket)



- 11+1 Group Deal: Group registrations will be charged a special price of $4290 USD- that’s 11 tickets plus one free^^

- Payments can be made via PayPal or bank transfer. Details will be provided in the registration confirmation message.

(In the case of failure to pay, registration will be voided and teams on the waitlist will be invited to register)

[Payment and Currency Conversion Fees] 

All currency conversion fees required to convert from the sender's native currency into USD shall be burdened by the sender. International Wire Transfers: Sender will be responsible for bank fees incurred by the sending bank. Jeju Swing Camp will burden the bank fees for any intermediate and receiving bank. International Wire Transfer Example: If the sender's bank charges USD $25 to send the Wire Transfer, that shall be paid up front by the sender. However if there are intermediate fees such as $27 for an intermediary bank, and a $30 for the final receiving bank, the Jeju Swing Camp will burden the $57 intermediate and final fees.


[Paypal Fees]

Due to the international nature of this transaction, Paypal charges about 3.9% + a transaction fee. The result is that if sending roughly $4470, Jeju Swing Camp will receive the original $4290 requested. To assist with this fee, Jeju Swing Camp will burden $45 of this total. Thus the sender will be responsible for paying $4435 when paying via Paypal. The end result is such that all Foreigner Early Bird Teams will still receive a total burdened cost of well below the full retail price.


[Payment deadline]

Friday, February 22nd at 10pm KST



No refunds will be provided.  All sales final.



Transfers will be allowed during a designated time period, to be announced later


[Room Assignment]

Each group of 12 members will be provided with 2 ondol rooms (shared sleeping space)


[Changing groups]

In the case of a transfer, the new attendee must join the same group and stay in the same room as the attendee they are replacing

Includes in Group Full Pass :


- Accommodations : 3 nights (Fri & Sat & Sun) in a Korean style shared dormitory with sleeping mats (6 person per room)

- Beverages & snacks : Several non alcohol drinks and free draft beer will be provided during the parties (Friday and Saturday Nights)

- Late night snacks : will be provided during the parties (Friday and Saturday Nights)

- Parties : 3 nights (All-night dancing on Friday and Saturday and Sunday farewell party : all with live band

- Swimming Pool : Fri(6pm ~ 12am), Sat(9am ~12am)



Not include in Group Full Pass:


- Breakfast : will be extra charged

- Lunch/Dinner : will not be provided during whole event.

- Special alcoholic drinks(except free draft beer) - ie. Cocktail, Whiskey

- Transportation : Public transportation or taxis are available.  Shuttle ( from Airport to Hotel )



Refunds & Transfers :


- Refunds : Not accepted

- Transfers : Applicable (Transfer available time will be announced)

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