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The Summer Holiday Destination for Swing Dancers 

Last year, we gave you unforgettable summer memories with our dynamic ‘Two Track’ performances.


This July, we present Jeju Swing Camp: Color Mix. 

This year’s event will feature a feast of colors from the dynamic performances by our bands showcasing a variety of musical styles as well as the sights and scenery of Jeju.


Performances that will make swing dancers and music aficionados alike fall in love include Gordon Webster Band, Michael Gamble, organizer of the famed LindyFocus event and, for their first Asian show, his band Michael Gamble & Rhythm Serenaders who have performed at such events as ILHC, All Balboa Weekend, and Camp Hollywood.


These are other bands (to be announced later) will make for a bright and colourful event. 

Please check back as we make more announcements about this year’s events and performances.

Color Mix


 BAND - GORDON WEBSTER BAND (feat. Hannah Gil) 
              (feat. Laura Windley) 
 BAND - Sage Min Swingtet (feat. Ju mi Lee)
 BAND - Clap Stomp Swingin' (feat. SwingKey)
 DJ' - Haerim (해림)
 DJ' - Sir.Roung (둥글)
Line Up


 Domestic Group Early Bird Full Pass - Sold Out 
 390,000 WON (Actual Price 358,000 WON)
 Open : Jan. 31.(Thu) 9pm KST 
 Foreign Group Early Bird Full Pass - Available 
 390 USD (Actual Price 358 USD)
 Open : Feb. 18.(Mon) 9pm KST 
 Individual Super Early Bird Party Pass  - Sold Out 
 320,000 WON / 320 USD 
 Open : Feb. 25.(Mon) 9pm KST 
 Individual Early Bird Party Pass - Sold Out 
 330,000 WON / 330 USD
 Open : Mar. 12.(Tue) 9pm KST 
 Individual Regular Party Pass - Registrations for foreigners is available
 340,000 WON / 340 USD 
 Open : Mar. 19.(Tue) 9pm KST 


 Miterre Hotel is our main event place
​제주스윙캠프 행사는 마이테르 호텔 강당 및 풀사이드에서 진행됩니다.
Miterre Hotel Goup Registration - Sold Out


Now! You can check 2019JSC's main schedule 
Band perfomance schedule will be notified on July 1st
2019년 캠프 스케쥴을 확인하실 수 있습니다.
​밴드 연주 시간은 7월 1일 공지 됩니다.
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